I applied for the ACT Writers Centre Blogger in Residence program. My application was not successful, but I feel I have succeeded regardless for two reasons. The first is that applying for competitions, residencies or trying to get published can be confronting work. It can feel like we are being judged as a person if we don’t get in or a publisher doesn’t want our work. To keep going requires courage and a developing understanding that these rejections are not personal. I keep pursuing my writing and publication which always feels like wining.

I was also pleased because they offered me the chance to write a number of blog posts over the next three months. I’m thrilled with this outcome. To have a platform to write from is essentially what I wanted.

One of the post ideas is to write a bit about my experiences during the Project Space Residency. I’m thinking this could lead into a discussion about writing days and creating a conducive environment for creating.

You”ll be seeing more of my work around the place soon.