becoming reliable

I didn’t expect it, but one of my biggest goals as part of my residency at Gorman House (Project Space) is actually to become a more organised person. I am not great with deadlines and remembering to get back to emails or finish an article, but a large part of getting work and keeping it (even if its unpaid) is to be reliable. 

I’ve worked out I need clear deadlines and probably a big calender in front of my face in my office. Maybe even an adorable planner would help? Writing out a list of upcoming writerly commitments, deadlines and goals would likely help as well. 

What I would like to achieve while I have this space is:

  • Editing to a publishable standard my “Dictionary Sex” article and sending it to Lip Magazine. 
  • Finishing my “write what you (don’t) know” article 
  • Applying for at least 2 internships 
  • Start writing that particular fiction short story 
  • Going through my files of half written articles and working on 2-3 that could be edited and hopefully published 
  • Making connections and using every resource offered or available to find a job (even just vaguely) related to my degree in writing. 

This doesn’t seem like enough to fill up another 5+ weeks, but I will see how I go with what I have got. I’ll update you on my progress!