The “scary” article published

doing it_lip

It happened very fast! One day I heard back from Lip and they were saying they wanted to publish my piece, the next day it was on their website. It was the fasted ‘submission to print’ process I have ever been involved in. Perhaps because I spend an inordinate amount of work on this article, so it needed very little fixing up.

It’s a little bizarre, having happened so fast though. I spent far too long fretting and feeling doubtful about submitting it but it has taken very little to get it published. My worries meant I had it edited by two semi-professionals and I did an immense amount of re-reviewing myself, which contributed to the piece being good. But I am left feeling a little flat. Most of  that anxiety was misplaced. My impression now is that it mostly hindered me.

Take it from me, unless you are going to be paraded around as a genius once you submit your manuscript, short story or poetry, the months/years of doubt won’t necessarily feel like they have been made up for or balanced out. I’m relived and grateful to be published by Lip. It’s been a small dream and goal of mine since 2012. But I might have felt a bigger high about it though, if I had not spent so long procrastinating over the one article.

Submit sooner, I say.

I did a scary thing…


I finally submitted an article to Lip magazine. I started writing about a specific issue to do with human sexuality about a year ago. I was encouraged by a great friend who read my ideas on tumblr, to consider publishing. So I fleshed out the ideas and had it looked at by two exceedingly competent editors. I had my friend look at it again too. By that stage he was a lecturer at the University of Canberra and I trusted he could give my work a good polish. That he did! I love a tough but kindly spoken, detailed editor. 

I’ve been re-editing it for far too long. It was the nerves of submitting to a publication I worship that got in my way. But I eventually pushed through that and ended up with a scrupulously scrubbed piece of work. I submitted the article today! I am ridiculously proud of what I have crafted (and hand crafted with care and love, it is). 

I’m feeling positive about how it will be received. But most of all I’m proud that I persisted with this article and through my lack of confidence. 


I’m doing the National Novel Writing Month challenge!

I keep saying I’m getting back into my first and most passionate love, fiction, but perhaps because I want to do the genre so much justice, I am some what paralised.

It was rereading Anne Rice’s The Vampire Lestat that I felt that old surge of “THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO WRITE!” It’s an important emotion you know? It really does help to have sense of why you want to write and what topics inflame the desire to make time for the act of it.

So from feeling that I wanted to write tragic, hopeful, deeply philosophically focused fiction I had the flash of inspiration that what could help is the National Novel Writing Month. I had also said I would sign up. So I am fulfilling two promises to myself and feeling a smudge proud.

You can follow my progress if you also sign up, my user name is rachael and jane.

two reminders


While looking for a new header image for my Twitter account I found this picture from a year or so ago, when I lived in Downer. I created a studio from the unused, but lined shed in the backyard. I dreamt up what each corner what look like once transformed and I made it so as best I could. I made zines and wrote in that shed madly and frequently. I had a space to go to that was away from the noise of the house and which was devoted to the act of creating. 

I also found a blurry photo of what my room used to look like. I was astonished at the amount of paper on the walls, magazines, books and colours. I had a lot of inspiring things around me that no doubt kept me creatively alive. 


I had forgotten about these aspects of my past. Just as I often forget what I have achieved and my confidence in creating.   These two images are nice reminders of who have been. They bring me a little more faith in my creative narrative and the overall consistency of myself.