The Stars are up!


It’s a Saturday, which if you don’t work in retail, is a great thing! It is also the day that my version of The Stars is being published. Be assured it is witty, sarcastic but also vaguely encouraging to you left-wing, grunge-baby artists.

Take a gander at my well crafted astrological insights. I toiled long and hard.

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Stepping up to divine The Stars

Gosh, Michele Seminara, the Managing Editor of Verity La is a talented lady! She’s written a piece, Behind the Scene at Verity La, about taking over from Nigel Featherstone. It’s also delightful to see info on the new contributors, of which I am one. I’ve been given the chance to do the Stars as well as reviews. I’m already relishing polishing my witty retorts! I’ll be replenishing the predictions when needed and following along in Nigel’s searing stead. I have much to be excited about and a grand legacy to uphold.

My debut version of the stars will be out in early January.