An Inclusive Valentine’s Day: Pepe’s Paperie

DSC00855 (Copy)
This may not be the case for everyone, but for me and others I know, Valentine’s day is an emotionally complicated day. Its’ celebration is painfully associated with high school rejections, reminders of alienation and feeling left out when single.
I don’t blame those deeply embroiled in the grief of yet another destroyed relationship if they want to stay indoors with movies or take up rug designing as a way of blocking out V-day. Nor those who find the horror of mass public displays of affection maddening and thus won’t be catching up for a casual coffee and cake on the blessed day.
For me, its mostly the exclusiveness of Valentine’s days’ focus on heterosexual couples that spoils it. But this card ($6.95) reminds me that the disenfranchised can find a way to celebrate their own forms of love. This cartoon is based on the charterers or Margot and RichieTenenbaum and their unusual love story from the movie The Royal Tenenbaums. Richie is a former successful tennis player and Margot is his habitually secretive adopted sister. Over the course of the brilliantly awkward film they find a way to reconcile and reciprocate their love for one another.
This card did not inspire the whole concept of celebrating my own, less traditional forms of love, but it pushed me to remember, without bitterness, that a pool full of my most vivacious girl pals awaits on the 14th of February and that my passion for them is just as worthy of being celebrated.
(c) Rachael Nielsen 2013
10th Febraury

Festival Bag: Pepe’s Paperie blog post

Fantasy Bag

I have not stopped talking about the National Folk Festival since I went last year. None of my friends seem perturbed by my monthly gush about what I experienced. And now it’s not long till I will go again (28th March- 1April) and I am planning in my head what I shall take with me. This leather and canvas bag has become part of my fantasy ($160)!

I want to have one tapestry bag full of less essential items like avocados and brown twine, and this bag above will hold my most precious needs:

Precious Needs: 

  • bark pencils and canvas paintbrush holder
  • array of fountains pens
  • black candles
  • film camera
  • leather roll up journal
  • 2 pairs of boots
  • crystal necklaces
  • bottle of Marsala
  • spare purple paisley dress

My list thus far is not too long but it always expands, especially at the last minute. Though I try and scale down I always end up feeling like an obese pack horse. But surely I must be deeply creative to have such an overflowing bag? otherwise what am I doing with some many gluey paintbrushes?

So it makes sense I am so deeply in love with this bag, it has ridiculous amounts of room. But it is not out of proportion with my size and thus mistaken for a boyfriend instead of an accessory. It also has room enough for my packing fantasies. We’ll both definitely be at the festival!

(c)Rachael Nielsen 2013

27th February

Wood Ink: post for Pepe’s Paperie

DSC00867I’m terrified of living in a big city.  If I can’t get to a lake or a dense forest, be it a thicket of willows, pines, silver-birches or burnt black silhouettes of gum trees then I get immensely suffocated by the endless suburbia. I am nevertheless not a cliche ‘nature girl’, when I went to a festival last year I bought a carpet bag with me full of clothes despite the zip being broken, because I found the bag so enchanting. As well, I lamented not having bought an array of light Turkish carpets to line the bottom of my squat tent.

You may not see why I am drawn to this ink though ($20). Wood Ink is a romantic idea, and it might be clear by now that I am more romantic than practical, but what draws me to this Ink is that it smells of pine trees! This bottle of synthetic aroma is frighteningly close to the reality of what forests smell like.

My plan is to use it as a talisman ( I can wear it around my neck, or just carry it in my pencil case) so that I can freely go wherever I need in the world, feeling I have an escape from the constructed universe of man.

(c) Rachael Nielsen 2013

March 14