Speaking to my frustration…

I came across an article by ArtsHub and it entirely speaks to my frustrations about internships. If you are an artist, you’ll likely know exactly what its talking about and feel the way I do. 

Progress of a kind

In my pursuit of finding the place where I fit I have applied for a few internships. The first was the commutations and research internship with UN Women. Unfortunately, having spent hours writing a cover letter and laboriously covering all the selection criteria did not equal being accepted into the program. But we have to try. Perhaps the next opening I will be more qualified for, or I will have had more experience. I was disappointed yet I still believe that a break will come eventually.

The second internship/volunteer position I have gone for is at CCAS (Canberra Contemporary Art Space). I’m fascinated by curatorship, so I’m hoping I can gain some experience in that area. I figure that if I have any hope of finding my place in the creative world I have to try things. I will know if and what I will need to study next depending on the experiences I have. That’s why its vital I try things and volunteer.

I am also hoping that the Belconnen Arts Centre will get back to me soon after having spoken to my referees. By volunteering there I could also get a taste of curating and working in a gallery.

Editia Publishing may be a place that I can intern with in the future. I looked into working with them but there wasn’t any help needed at the time. But I’ve made the connections so hopefully I will be thought of in the future. And if none of those work out I will surely find other programs.

Image from: http://www.artgallery.sa.gov.au/agsa/home/Visit/