Feeling a bit legit


Seeing myself on the ACT Writers Centre Facebook page is so rewarding. Excited to keep it up for them. Feeling more like a legit writer..


7 thoughts on “Feeling a bit legit

  1. Don’t get too hung up on formalities! If you express yourself forcefully, cogently and confidently, whether in an article, a letter to a magazine or a note to your milkman, then you’re a legit. writer. If you can make some cash out of writing, that’s an added bonus – but it’s not essential! (“Nobody but a fool ever wrote for anything but money,” said Dr Johnson, but didn’t take his own dictum too seriously.) Keep at it!

    • I tend to agree with what you are saying about it being foolish to write for money. I’m not sure what I think yet about what makes a ‘real’ writer, but I appreciate your insights and the care you took to bother writing them. Thankyou.

      • I once, when working in local government, attended a training seminar on how to write letters and reports. The lecturer said “Before I start, are there any professional writers here?” Nobody said “Yes” and he continued “Well, you are ALL professional writers – you are sending responses to members of the public who have written in and you are drafting reports for Committee members to read.” It was a new way of looking at the subject and perhaps taught us not to get too hung up on formal definiions! All the best. defiitions

      • At the writers centre where I work we are coming up with a definition of what a developing, emerging and professional writers are. It is usually regarded that a professional writer had had several books published (not e-books).

      • That situation reminds me of when I was working in retail and at training nights they would tell us we were “stylists” because we helped people try on clothes. Some people are talented enough to not need training in such things because they have already got it, but I generally I feel you need some training and to be actually working in the industry to call your self a stylist.
        Writing emails or shopping lists is a form of writing but a professional writer is something else…

    • OK, I take the point! But would still urge you not to worry too much about formal definitions or feel there is any barrier you need to leap over. The best form of training is simply to practice – I’m not sure that being a creative writer is something that can be taught. Anyway, keep at it! If the determination and inspiration are truly there. you’ll win through in the end. (And, if need be, be your own severest critic.)

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